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Specializing Master in Service Design trains specialists in the design
of services for business and public-sector organizations.

Smart Life


Private life always wins! our layout was designed to create more private environment, ideal designed landscape with optimum unique plans keep every property its own privacy.

Breath-Taking Refreshing View Gardens

Tolan is nature-loving compound, where each property is overlooking green strips breath-tacking views surrounded by beautiful Mesmerizing greenery & exquisite beauty cozy charming serenity details!

Parks Bring Family Together

BBQ areas … Designed to present something new Tolan continues the same charming theme!

Integrated club house

Tolan ensures that you always get your own time, nothing is better than setting by nature surrounding.

Luxury full finishing designs

Tolan founded your comfort-zone homey unique interior designs un-matched anywhere before.

Sporting center

Includes swimming pools & bowling halls & football academy & Tennis playgrounds helps you with your fitness routine.


Time to entrainment! Let’s make it memorable at Tolan.


Our VIP residents, we are really appreciate you all! VIP Zone is well organized designed according to modern designs and international standers.


Time for meetings! Where safety, elegance, serene and functionality is assured!


Just like our residences who seek to find new model for contemporary living, we are providing an international educational zone

Wedding area

Mixed-use spaces for social gatherings and happy events, every detail was thematically designed to provide luxurious unprecedented moments.


Strategically located at the most thriving location retains tranquility.

Commercial & Services strip

Remarkable & perfect located at the outer side of Tolan, along Cairo-Ismalia Desert Road, its own temperament that attracts modern families, offers a wide selection of contemporary services that meet the needs of present-day living, setting a new standers for modern commercial areas.

Property Management

Your ideal home managing ensuring your comfort &laundry services & offering tranquility for homeowners includes

  • Housekeeping integrated Services.
  • Exterior and Interior lighting maintenance.

Ensure The Luxury Life …

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