Nothing to desired, all is already exist, Tolan is luxury full-integrated services under development nature-loving only villas urban community with limited number  of units  with more attention to details , urban project introducing new concept for integrated communities , Tolan methodology offers unique blind of luxurious villas , distinctive landscaping, smart and modern technology, once you have seen our project you will immediately realize how much we care with every small details that makes you fully satisfied with your optimum choice, it’s your chance to get the exclusive limited opportunity Tolan living experience where is life is prime … the quality of landscape, designs and facilities, Tolan provides cutting edge services and facilities made it the ultimate destination for all you need for a smart luxury life .

“Because mostly dreams remain a dreams, we were not satisfied with dreaming only! Success was not easy…Within our long journey we got the faith needed which is what made it shorter …Behind every dream a lot of fighters decided to be on top “

Artboard 2 copy

329 m^2

Artboard 2

259 m^2

Artboard 2 copy 3

259 m^2

Artboard 2 copy 2

212 m^2

Artboard 2 copy 4

212 m^2 – 177 m^2

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